The Quantum Transformer Programmed Energy Device

The QT - EMF | 5G Protection Balances Bio-Fields

The Quantum Transformer (QT) is a programmed quantum energy device, believed to be the first of its kind. You will be amazed with your new level of harmony, balance and vitality achieved from the device. It will create a field of beneficial energies that will support all of the biofields within your body. Additionally, these devices are fully compatible with all biological energy fields within the mammal species—humans, dogs, cats, horses, etc.—all of which are currently being challenged energetically on the planet.

The device achieves this through its multiple energetic antennas or collectors, its energy purifiers and its programs. The collectors collect all forms of energies that are present on Earth, some of which are not biologically supportive. Then, the purifiers and programs transform those energies that are not biologically supportive into biologically supportive and useful energies. There are a total of 6 quantum circuits and two programs that makeup all standard Quantum Transformers.

Some of the energies that the device will collect are the following; quantum energies, scalar waves (some call zero-point energies), the Earth’s natural electromagnetic fields (some call prana or chi). Unfortunately, this device will also collect unhealthy man-made energies (as will any device of this kind), therefore we specifically incorporated two levels of purification; the 6 physical quantum circuit purifiers and the two program purifiers. Nothing else on the market has this high of a level of energetic purification.

Each Quantum Transformer has two main programs that support the human (and animal) organism.

Program 1

The QT transforms all harmful man-made electro-magnetic energies

EMF | 5G | WiFi

These man-made electro-magnetic energies include; power lines and building wiring, electronic devices, computers, Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell phones and cell towers (3G, 4G & 5G), and other airborne communication energies.

Program 2

The QT balances and harmonizes all biological energy fields

Balancing Bio-Fields

Balances and harmonizes all biological energy fields within the human (and animal) organism, these include (but are not limited to); auric field, all major and minor chakras and all energy meridians. As we get older, our chakra and meridian systems get weaker and accumulate disturbances, or resistance, to the natural energy flow. The Quantum Transformers re-establish the optimal natural state of harmony within these systems. These transformers (also called liberators) balance biofields. To do this, it must first purge and transmute any resistance causing the imbalances. There are many forms of resistance—some are emotional energies which must be purged before balancing can occur. Additionally, it helps us overcome self-resistance. The purging seems to take 4 to 12 weeks and gets weaker as time passes and the resistance diminishes.

Physical benefits of the Quantum Transformer

  • Draws in Earthen energies that mitigate many EMF energies.
  • Draws in Earthen Grounding energies that assists the physical body in its natural regenerative abilities.
  • Re-establishes auric field, all major and minor chakras, and all energy meridian harmony.
  • Balances biofields—to do this it must first purge and transmute any resistance causing the imbalances.

Consciousness benefits of the Quantum Transformer.

  • Helps one overcome self-resistance as a Liberator.
  • Moves spiritual energy and works with the etheric body; Moves it out through expression and helps one express and emote.
  • Helps short circuit the fears that might inhibit the self from releasing and releases emotional congestion.
  • The QT has the ability to transmute (move out) the emotional and karmic energy releases, even from non-related systems
  • Consciousness evolution on a cord; This device automatically performs emotional, karmic or cognitive releases (of resistance), replacing tapping or verbal release methods.
  • Advanced users can directly attach a release to the device to give power, speed and consciousness to their release.

The Quantum Transformers come in 4 different sizes to meet all your needs.