FAQ Page added to Site

1.5-Inch QT

I just Created an FAQ page for the QT website. Q: Does the QT offer protection to 5G or just EMF in general? A: It covers the entire Spectrum of EMI & EMF’s from power-line energies to 5G wireless transmissions. It’s all biologically unfriendly energy. Q: What’s the impact of the different sizes of the […]

We Have Added Our Blog

We have added our Blog Page today. We hope to keep everyone informed on the Quantum Transformers product and information, as well as the latest 5G and EMF safety data.

3.0 Inch QT added to Product Listings

3-Inch QT

This week we added the 3.o Inch Quantum Transformer to our product list. 3-Inch; Small Professional Transformer for personal protection, healing practitioners, PC’s, rooms and cars.                     This completes our product line with the following Personal (wearable) and Professional sizes: 1-Inch; Mini-Personal Transformer Personal Protection & […]