FAQ Page added to Site

I just Created an FAQ page for the QT website.

Q: Does the QT offer protection to 5G or just EMF in general?
A: It covers the entire Spectrum of EMI & EMF’s from power-line energies to 5G wireless transmissions. It’s all biologically unfriendly energy.

Q: What’s the impact of the different sizes of the QT devises? Do the bigger sizes reach farther?
A: The size does impact the reach or field size of the device. The fields measure approximately; 1-inch about 15 ft, 1.5-inch about 25 ft, 3-inch about 40 ft, 4-inch about 60 ft.

Q: What are the materials of the QT’s?
A: This is propriety information. But I can say that they are comprised of quantum circuitry and lamination materials to hold the circuits together.

Q: Why was the QT originally created?
A: Being a person that had been affected by EMF/EMI/WIFI energies his entire adult life, I was frustrated that nothing on the market seemed to make a substantial difference. I have/had tried (and own) everything I could find that has been on the market over the last 30 years. This device makes a very noticeable difference—I feel much better than with any of the other device I’ve experienced.

Q: Can you clarify the program aspect of the QT? I’m a little unclear about that.
A:  The Quantum Transformers are a stand-alone physical product. They can, and do, hold programs and downloads. They are shipped with two (2) standard programs; one for EMF protection and one for bio-field balancing. There will eventually be additional programs that one can purchase and download into the devices for more specific health or evolutionary benefits.

Q: Can the programs be erased or wiped out?
A: The programs cannot be wiped out and are permanent. With that said, there can, and will be program updates, or evolution of the programs. The updated programs will be remotely uploaded to all devices automatically.

Q: It seems odd that the QT devices would offer EMF/5G protection and evolutionary benefits. Why was a device created like this? Why didn’t you make two different devices?
A: The device was originally created to address EMF/EMI energies. It was only after the beta testing began of the original device that we realized the evolutionary potential. This evolutionary aspect was not initially planned by design. The devices seem to automatically release or transmute non-beneficial stored energies. I actually find these qualities just as impressive as it’s EMF protection aspects. I do understand that a person may just be interested in one of the QT qualities and not the other.

Q: Do I have to do anything special for the evolutionary aspect of the devices to work?
A: No, all that is required for the evolutionary aspects to work is to wear it and allow!  Let the QT do the work—it’s really that simple. The EMF and balancing benefits are just icing on the cake.



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