DNA Transfer – One Person to Another

How might DNA Transfer from one person to another and how does that apply to the QT?


Much of the first four paragraphs below are information from the book, The Contagion Myth, by Thomas S. Cowan, MD and Sally Fallon Morell (see references below). If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it.

DNA, RNA and Viral Transfer

Let us first cover a series of experiments carried out by a virologist named Luc Montagnier. Montagnier is credited with claiming to discover that the HIV virus causes AIDS.

Here is how his experiment goes: First, one needs two beakers of water (very pure spring water works best). In the first beaker, one puts DNA or RNA. In the second beaker, one puts a collection of nucleic acids (the chemicals that make up the DNA and RNA). Then, separate the water beakers in different parts of the room (eliminating physical contact and/or contamination). Next, introduce an energy source, such as UV or infrared light, and shine it on the first beaker (which contains the original formed DNA or RNA). In time, the exact same sequence of DNA or RNA will form out of the raw materials in the second beaker.

There is no possibility of physical connection and/or contamination between the two beakers. The conclusion drawn from this clear, simple and repeatable experiment is that the DNA or RNA in the first beaker has a resonance energy that is picked up by, and then transferred to the second beaker via the energy source. This experiment works only with water in the beakers, and since our bodies are made of up to 60% water, it may be surmised that something similar may be happening in combination with EMF and other energies we encounter on a daily basis.

When you apply this concept to viruses, they too, would theoretically transfer from beaker to beaker because they are simply packages of DNA or RNA. Unfortunately, there is no record that I could find, of a virus transfer experiment of this type being attempted. You would think science would be all over this experiment to determine possible ways of viral transmission.

The history of the Quantum Transformers (QT) calibration aspect.

Early in my career as a natural healer (Energy Healer) I learned that if I began to feel ill (especially when a flu was circulating around) that I could balance my internal energies with the external energies I was being exposed to. My “little voice” called this process “Calibrating”.

This is how it was explained to me; when you calibrate your internal energies with all the external energies your body is being exposed to, you thereby circumvent the body’s own self balancing process and its uncomfortable detoxification side effects.

As this process evolved and developed over the years, I began to notice that the on-set of the “flu” feeling often came during a weather front (storm front). Although I noticed this connection, it was not until I read The Contagion Myth that it was brought to my attention that sunspots, Earthquakes, and electrical storms all bring with them tremendous amounts of electrical energies. Since we are electromagnetic beings, it would stand to reason that a large influx of electromagnetic energies would have a detrimental effect on the human organism. According to the book, The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenberg, electricity and electromagnetic energies (EMF’s) have been used and studied since the mid 1700’s.

In more recent times, personal computers, WIFI, cell phones, cell towers (3G, 4G & now 5G) and orbital satellite transmissions have proliferated our lives. Let’s be perfectly clear here, all this electromagnetic energy is a form of “radiation”, and none of it is safe to a biological organism, including the human body. This means that the EMF field strength and constant exposure levels will continue to increase, thereby becoming progressively detrimental to your health.

After performing this calibration process on myself manually for years, I realized that I could also do it for others, either in person or remotely (distance healing). The remote healing evolved into a download that I created and added to my ChakraConsciousness (CC) website. People could order and watch the download video and receive the process, just as if I was performing the process manually and in-person. I called it Crystalline Energy Balancing, for not having a better name for it at the time.

Ten years later when I created the Quantum Transformer (QT) and began creating programs for this quantum energy device, the energy balancing download was the first program installed.

What is the main difference in the CC download or the QT program?

The CC download must be watched every time you begin feeling ill from an energetic imbalance. The QT program is automatic and works 24/7 continuously.

I have been asked why my downloads (or anyone else’s) do not run endlessly or until the process is complete. A download process requires two things to be continual and ongoing for more than a day. It requires a “consciousness” and an “energy source”. The QT has both of these, downloads do not. A download will be held in place for a day, when the client goes to sleep (and the soul leaves the body) the process will stop. This is because the soul is the consciousness and energy source required to keep the process going. This is the very reason that some practitioners suggest that you run a recorded loop at night when you sleep. But this has a marginal benefit, as again, the soul has left for the night. The loop is playing to an empty audience.

The QT continuously calibrates the bio-fields to all external energies on an ongoing basis, as these energies are constantly changing and/or increasing.


There is an unprecedented onslaught of man-made EMF energies, which only appears to be increasing over time, and will be for the foreseeable future. You may believe, as I do (and as the two referenced authors do) that electromagnetic energies are not safe. That these energies could be in-part or in-whole responsible for the latest viral out-break— an out-break that has killed, or brought to a premature death millions of people world-wide. Based on the above premise, then you might be a candidate for one of the QT products or the CC energy balancing download. It might be time, and a prudent decision, for you to embrace something that can support your health and the health of your loved ones.


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